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Escapade: TV hookups

I called the hotel to ask if the room TVs have HDMI ports. After some general WTF from the desk staff, I eventually got transferred to a guy who seemed to know what he was talking about. He says they don't but that they do have RCA plugs. (Whether these have been intentionally disabled as in many assholish hotels that want you to use their pay-per-view is another question, but at least I know it's worth wasting some space on those cords.)
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Well, crap. That's going to make the Festivids vidshow... interesting. I hope I can find either an S-Video-to-RCA or VGA-to-RCA converter at Radio Shack in the next 24 hours.
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I thought you were having this fest in the United States? No hdmi ports, nor any staff who know what they are?

Or OH you must be having it in Pennsylvania Dutch country, right? Are you packing extra candles? I hear you can trade beads with the natives for goods and services.
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Apparently Los Angeles was hurled back in time ten years. Nobody noticed because Arizona was simultaneously hurled back 100 years.
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I don't really know what I'll need until I know what inputs I'll have? I have VGA and S-Video (yes S-Video, I don't even know) outputs on the laptop. It's this ancient Windows machine I brought out of mothballs for the Festivids vid show.
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The TV in my room has VGA.

Also, it has a serial port. LOLOL This TV might be older than I am!