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Festivids recs

Wow, I am so late with recs. This year, I was sadly not that into most of the fandoms, and I've been feeling a little disconnected and blah, so it was harder for the vids to pique my interest. Here are the ones I remember vividly and have gone back to rewatch.

Uncharted - Adorable, hopeful zombie love with beautiful timing and a perfect ending. I have watched this at least 10 times.

The Boxer - I did not know Tim DeKay was in Carnivàle. Or that I loved him so much on it. This vid has rectified this lack of knowledge. This one blew me away more than anything else this year.

Dujour Means Comeback - Okay, so this is waaay too long and repetitive, making it only funny for the first half. However, for that first half, it is very, very funny. It's that annoying boy band from Josie and the Pussycats set to Backstreet Boys.

Sleep No More - A colorful whirl of millennial panic.

Hallowed Ground - A little long, but I loved the tour through Sleepy Hollow's many WTF reaction shots accompanied by tasteful and decorous lyric matches in keeping with the tone of the show. (Yes, that means literalism and a terrible sense of humor.)

Asshole - Demolition Man plus lulz. What's not to like? This is a perfectly-chosen song and a lot of comedic assholery.

Ah Ha and Get Close - The sharks just love you (with their teeth), okay? Is that so wrong?! (Man, what's with all the sharks in Festivids this year?)

All Star and 9 to 5 - Two feel-good lego vids. Both hilarious. Both to exactly the songs you think they are.

Further On - I've never seen Northern Exposure, but these characters are adorable.

Ring of Fire - I tried Parks & Rec and couldn't get past the public humiliation embarrassment squick godawful sitcomness of it all, but I can't resist this vid. Hilarious people make peculiar faces and are in love. And there's a mustache that should probably get its own credit.

One Stage Before - It's hard vidding sources that are full of music; Al Stewart is a brilliantly different choice.

Authority - Indy from childhood to equally trouble-attracting adulthood.

And I was the recipient of a Crash vid that is... very Crash. Let this be a rec or a warning to you depending. ;D
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Off-topic: I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! :)