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Escapade panels are up!

Woo! But it looks like some of the popular ones lack moderators or only have one mod. Now's the time volunteer to (help) run some of these. (No, I cannot run all of them myself. Do you really want to listen to me talk that much? ;D) See here for the official list of panels and descriptions or below for my own version.

My overall verdict: I like the viewer and beginning/non-vidder-centric topics that made the schedule, but I hope current vidders are not bored with the lack of vidder-centric ones. I wasn't going to go to any single-fandom panels except that you bastards all voted for super awesome fandoms I would not have thought would get panels, so now I'm torn. Every single meta panel is the best thing ever, and I know I said I would not mod everything this year, but how can I possibly give any up? Then they might get scheduled opposite something else I have to go to! The panels need to suck more so I have more free time for other things! (Okay, fine, this is not an actual problem.)

Meta Panels that made the final cut

Real Fannish Community - aka the good old days vs. "shut up tumblr is great" panel. You guys are all coming to this one and bringing your wanky opinions, right? I am going to be very boring if I have to talk the whole time since this is a general discussion panel, not a how-to.

Before It’s All Gone: Fannish preservation from zines to oral histories - Yes, of course I'm running it. Are you even surprised? I have lecture-y, informative stuff prepared if nobody wants to talk, but I hope we'll have an interesting conversation on what we feel deserves preservation and strategies for preservation.

It’s Coming From Inside the Fandom: Celebrity, Social Media, and Fannishness - The Oh My God, Orlando Jones panel. Amply supplied with moderators.

More is More: OT3s, Moresomes, and the Canons that Inspire Them - ♥♥♥

Pretty, Angsty, Snarky, & Camraderie: The 4 Elements of Slash? - aka what kind of canon is ideal slash fodder. Proposed by me based on an old Escapade panel. It could be a fun meta topic, right? People voted for it, but no mod volunteers do I see.

Cult of Nice vs. Social Justice Warriors - I sure as hell ain't running this, but I want you all to go, throw some chairs, and provide me with Jerry Springer-tastic entertainment. And that means one of you needs to mod it!

Hurt/Comfort - A beloved classic!

Is There an After Life in Fic? - aka fandom post-character or actor death. Amply supplied with mods.

Out Of Step With the World - aka the "Wah, I am falling out of fandom" panel. Personally, I think this could be covered under that first one up there, but somebody should offer to run this if they want it to happen.

Vids for the Viewer - Suggested by... you guessed it! Me! But I am already running too many other things. Someone please run this! I envisioned it as a panel partly on "So you want to give feedback for a great vid, but you're not a vidder and you don't know what to say" and partly on that impostor syndrome thing that happens when you're in vid review or wherever and you're like "Well, I'm only a watcher, so my opinion doesn't count" and partly on the very real and interesting divide between aesthetics that are most appealing to vidder BNF types (i.e. meta mental masturbation) and aesthetics that are most appealing to non-vidders (i.e. my pairing to my favorite song with some sparkles and extreme literalism).

Clamming Up - "Clam" is a term somebody coined for the strong, silent, emotionally constipated types so beloved by classic slash fandom.

Cons New and Old - Yes, I'm helping mod this. Are you surprised? Ha ha, no, you are not. I envision it as half a survey of new cons unhelpfully advertised only on Tumblr and half brainstorming about how to advertise shit like Escapade better.

Death of Zines - WHY HAVE NONE OF YOU VOLUNTEERED TO RUN THIS? I want to talk about zines and doujinshi and offline, on-paper shit, yo. Plus curated online stuff and how that relates. I didn't even propose this panel. Where aaaaare youuuuu, moderators?

(The End of?) Ladybashing in Slashfic - Yes, that should end. Maybe it has.

There are some boring-to-me alternate panels that might replace some of these if they don't get moderators. Plz do not let that happen. There should never be any panels at Escapade that I personally find boring. (What?)

Single-Fandom Panels that made the final cut

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Almost Human, Captain America, due South, Elementary, Grimm, Haven, Lost Girl, Pacific Rim, Person of Interest, The Professionals, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Thor

Normally, single-fandom panels and I do not mix, but I'm pleased to see that Sleepy Hollow has two, highly amused to see that the only moderator-less panel is Sherlock, and bemused that Haven and Grimm managed to beat a bunch of vastly more popular fandoms onto this schedule.

There's an alternate panel on Supernatural (zzzzzzzzz) and one on Orphan Black that I'd love to see replace the dullness that is Sherlock. I think I'll be watching/catching up on Almost Human, Grimm, Lost Girl, Sleepy Hollow, and Orphan Black before the con. I can't tell you how pleasant it is to see this fandom list and not the usual Megafandoms I Don't Give a Shit About one. Maybe I'll give Agents of SHIELD another shot while I'm at it. Maybe Elementary.

Tech and Workshop panels that made the cut

Tumblr: Missing Missing E - aka the actual Tumblr how-to panel. I am already running too many things and am no Tumblr expert but I've offered to assist with this one. I'll probably make a handout and let the other mods do the talking.

Calibre: ultimate fanfiction ebook tool - An excellent and informative topic!

This Year in Festivids - Will it be a vidshow? Will people want to have a discussion this year? I'm helping with this one too, I guess, though hopefully more during the prep phase.

Art Show Gallery Crawl - Sounds boring except I always manage to forget to take the time to do this on my own, so it's actually a GENIUS panel idea!

Plastics Workshop - aka LEARN TO MAKE DILDOS! Yesss!!! BEST PANEL EVER!

Vidding 101 - Exactly what it sounds like and run and proposed by exactly who you expect. You former VCR vidders of Escapade, I am coming for you! There is no escape! People who've never vidded before too. I'll make computer vidders out of you yet! (And this will be the year I actually prepare decent handouts ahead of time so people don't have to take so many notes.)

Fan artist hangout - You asked for it. I proposed it. To my great surprise, somebody voted for it. So let's get some art presence going at Escapade, people!

Fanlore - Guess who is moderating this? Yes, I know, shocking. There will be a how-to segment on wikis and a segment on brainstorming shit to add to Fanlore.

Alternate Programming/Video aka the "Other" panel track

So You Wanna Turn Pro? - Somebody published talks about how you can be too.

Pew! Pew! Pew! There’s More to Guns than More Dakka. - Oooooooh!

Good Marketing and Bad Publishers - More publishing advice.

Library Workers Unite! - Zzzzz.

Remembering Lewis Collins - I won't be going, but it's always nice to see an old-ass fandom like Pros get a nice turnout.

Fan costumers commiseration and inspiration… - Neat! I might go to this if I have time. Costuming is one of those things I know fuckall about and that isn't a big feature of the cons I tend to go to.

Fandom Flashback - No, sorry, too lazy to run this after all. (Too! Many! Panels!) The idea was to play a "game" (with rules I have not actually made up) where we pick some year from the 90s or before and talk about what was going on in fandom then. Half history lesson, half embarrassing bad hair slideshow time. (It would be a lot more fun with lulzy visual aids I am waaaay too lazy to make.) If somebody else wants to figure out how to actually run this and make it fun, it's all yours.

MCU: Clint/Coulson: Making slash out of nothing at all - Zzzz. (But if I were running the con, there would totally be a panel on my OTP too, so more power to them.)
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[personal profile] plasmoids 2014-02-08 08:36 am (UTC)(link)
Aw, my little anime panel didn't make it, sad. ): Oh well, there's always next year...

Yay for the Tumblr panel! I seem to have been signed up to moderate other panels I don't remember volunteering for, though I suppose that comes with being a scholarship recipient. Still, I have to wonder how they knew what to sign me up for? And omg, someone else please sign up for the Almost Human panel...! (covers eyes)
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[personal profile] plasmoids 2014-02-09 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
If people are interested, I would love to! If not, perhaps it would go over better if it focused on yaoi?
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[personal profile] killabeez 2014-02-08 12:47 pm (UTC)(link)
I would do the vidding one, but I'm literally not going to be home for more than a day or two before the con, and, taxes. :P
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[personal profile] thirdblindmouse 2014-02-08 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Vids for the Viewer sounds great. I suppose I was always destined to be a vidder if "meta mental masturbation" has always been the kind of vid I loved best. If I were to think of a big name vidder aesthetic more interesting to the vidder and less to other fans I would think something that focuses more on effects and more on pure visuals rather than fannish thoughts and feels.

How to leave feedback is always a good topic to study up on, vidder or no. And non-vidder imposter syndrome can be so ridiculous. I was having a conversation with a non-vidder about a festivid which he thought was really fascinating because it did neat things X, Y, and Z, and I asked him if he had left feedback on the vid. He responded "No. I wouldn't know what to say." ... So in the end he left a comment about how neat it was that it did X, Y, and Z, while I was leaving minimalist comments like "nice rhythm!" and struggling to say anything more substantive. As a vidder I know all comments are nice and that substantive comments are the nicest, but that doesn't mean I necessarily have the tools to leave the best feedback.
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[personal profile] elf 2014-02-14 03:33 am (UTC)(link)
I volunteered for "Death of Zines." It's definitely a conversation I want to be present for, and I s'pose I'm willing to take notes on the big notepad.

[personal profile] nic 2014-02-25 08:04 am (UTC)(link)
These panels sound incredible. I'm so sad I can't make it to the Con!