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Club Vivid premiere

I usually don't have any idea what shows are premiering, but in 2010, I was eagerly awaiting the premiere of Hawaii Five-0. I love cheesy cop shows with exotic locations and bright colors. (Witness my deep and sincere love of CSI: Miami.) I was overjoyed to see Will Yun Lee in the first episode. I loved him on Witchblade, and he gave the creepy human trafficker of the pilot a welcome depth.

As the season progressed, I became displeased. Alex O'Loughlin has the emotional range and mien of a taxidermied fish. Steve's plots were too cliched to interest me without a more compelling character to hang them on. While I did love Danny, I didn't find the Steve-Danny relationship very interesting. And much, much, much worse, I loved both Kono and Chin Ho and was furious at how badly their potential was squandered. But then Sang Min came back, and he'd gotten a post-pilot personality transplant, like so many pilot villains do on so many series. Not only did he suddenly become sympathetic, but he turned up the sassiness a thousand percent. The show has continued to have occasional Kono and Chin episodes and great Asian American guest stars, Kamekona is awesome when he's not the butt of fat jokes, and Sang Min keeps coming back. As long as he does, so will I.

I haven't watched H50 regularly in a long time, but whenever I hear Sang Min was on again, I look for spoilers to see if he made it. Watching just those episodes, Sang Min has an unusually developed arc for a minor villain, and the other Asian actors, both regular and recurring, are front and center quite a lot. Danny is sassy, and Steve is relegated to his correct role: making aneurism face. If all of H50 were like this, it would be the best thing ever.

And through the power of video editing, it can be!

So here's "the Asian John Travolta" in all his fabulosity to bring a little disco to Club Vivid and now the audience at home.

Stayin' Sang Min from Franzeska Dickson on Vimeo.

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The Sang Min Show! This is awesome and I approve of this new series.
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Sang Min struttin' like a boss! \o/
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[personal profile] nikibee 2013-10-19 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
I didn't know you occasionally watched H50! Do you still? Did you see that episode where Steve thought that Sang Min might be his brother and did a DNA test? Good times...

Also, I feel like I've been hanging around vidders too much because as I watched this vid, I found myself noticing the great coloring of the source material. I never would have noticed that before!