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Vividcon Challenge premiere

Here's my challenge vid from this year. I felt like I should have chosen one of the themes from before I started attending Vividcon, but Blast from the Past is what spoke to me. Warnings for lots of season 3 spoilers.

Everything Nathan and Duke Know About the Fifties They Learned at the Movies from Franzeska Dickson on Vimeo.

password = haven

I have a lot of feelings about Haven season 3. Many of them are about Duke, as seen in my premiere. Several of them are about the episode Sarah. Specifically the following two:

"Ugh, are you for real?!"
"Ahahahahaha. WTF?"

Somebody involved in making Haven appears to have thought this episode would be romantic and beautiful, showing a love that can transcend time. For me, it was more like a guy fucking your sister because you don't put out enough.

Nathan spends the episode bitching at Duke for messing up the timeline. Duke instinctively saved a stranger's life. He didn't even know he could be affecting the future. And after that, Nathan went on a date with Sarah knowing full well the dangers. Hypocrite!

I intentionally did not include footage from Sarah in my premieres vid because I felt it would be too confusing. A single-episode vid, however, has a lot more room to set up the time travel in a way that someone who hasn't seen the show can follow. I also thought that the self-contained format of this episode would make for a great recruiter vid, showcasing two of the three leads and some of Haven's central sf/f weirdness without being overwhelming.

If I was doing a Sarah vid, I knew it would be Back to the Future themed. When Duke hears "1955", I am positive that's the first thing that would pop into his head. I mean, come on, not just time travel but time travel to that same year? Maybe in the 80s, the average teenager knew something about the 50s from their parents. In the 2010s, the average 30-something knows fuck-all about the 50s... Except whatever they learned from pop culture. So that's where the vid's title came from.

I love the BttF score, but I didn't feel it would hit quite the emotional notes I wanted by itself. In addition, the joke would not be as funny if the con audience didn't know it was 1955 specifically. I was also hoping to introduce the fandom to people who weren't familiar with it, so I thought a medley vid with some of the original audio left in would be just the thing. Before I had watched the show, I didn't get a clear idea of Nathan and Duke as distinct characters from the vids I saw, and I've heard that complaint from other people too. (Yes, this despite the fact that they look nothing alike.) I wanted to get their voices in the vid to help with that problem. I'm sure there have always been some vids that don't just use a single song, but they seem to be the default style lately in Sherlock, Teen Wolf, and some other current fandoms, whether that means song medleys or tons of canon audio. I've also been playing with sound effects more lately. That's where the general vid concept came from.

I think I had some idea about making Duke's impression of "the past" BttF and Nathan's Dirty Dancing to show some contrast between their personalities (goofy action vs. sappy romance or something), but Dirty Dancing really isn't the right era, and that idea never gelled. I was tempted by Hungry Eyes, but I eventually realized that using some music off of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and some off of the BttF soundtrack would just confuse people. Both movies are very well known, but I only remembered the most famous pieces from them myself, and there's no particular reason to use these two and not another random selection of 80s nostalgia pieces.

I think there was a draft of this vid concept where I was planning to use one song off of each famous soundtrack from a movie made in the 80s and set in the 50s, but that turned into a hot mess. There were plenty of movies to choose from, but the others are much less famous than BttF and their soundtracks didn't offer anything particularly useful. The more I looked at a list of all of the music in the first BttF movie, the more convinced I was that a combination of all of those songs was the way to go. The one problem was that every time I watched Nathan and Sarah's date, a certain famous movie scene started playing in my head, and mocking Nathan/Sarah was irresistible. But wait! Lampshading would take care of both explaining what the hell that song was doing in the vid and clarify the overall musical joke.

From there, I had to decide which BttF music to use and what to pair it with. Lyrically, Time Bomb Town worked well for the beginning of the vid with Duke. I was a little concerned that nobody would remember it, so I made the next piece a song everybody remembers. The Power of Love isn't all that representative of Nathan and Duke's relationship in this particular episode, but I hoped my fresh victims con audience wouldn't notice or care. Earth Angel was an obvious choice for Nathan mooning over Sarah. When I went to vid those sections, I realized the lyrics were even more perfect than I had realized for the transition from Duke to Sarah.

I worried that the transition from goofy musical jokes to the more serious denouement might be too awkward, but the episode and the show do mix hilarity with serious drama, and I wanted to showcase that. I also wanted to use the awesome BttF score, both because it's beautiful and because it's so recognizable. (Earth Angel has, after all, been used in a million contexts.) Using score with no lyrics also helped me show the shooting and return to the present succinctly. And, finally, I love the song that plays over the BttF credits. In my vid, like in BttF, it would be hard to pair with a scene. It's a very credits-y song. Ergo...

In the end, I couldn't fit in every piece of music from BttF, but I think I got the key ones. I was glad to see that the VividCon audience laughed at the right places, and someone remarked on how faithful the vid was to the themes of BttF. A little of that was intentional on my part. A lot of it was because there's no way the Haven writers wrote that episode set in that year without BttF on the brain. I wasn't trying to draw parallels in the way I vidded individual pieces of music aside from recreating the lip-syncing scene from Dirty Dancing.

Time Bomb Town - Lindsey Buckingham
The Power of Love - Huey Lewis & the News
Earth Angel - "Marvin Berry"
Love is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia
Back to the Future - Outatime Orchestra
Back to the Future Overture - Outatime Orchestra
Back in Time - Huey Lewis & the News

And, yes, the original version of this vid was seven minutes long. Be glad I'm not stupid enough to send that to a con.
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[personal profile] killabeez 2013-08-23 07:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Somebody involved in making Haven appears to have thought this episode would be romantic and beautiful, showing a love that can transcend time. For me, it was more like a guy fucking your sister because you don't put out enough.

In a nutshell, this. STILL NOT OVER IT.