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OTW April Drive

It's that time of year again: that time of year where, like public television, OTW asks you to give. Unlike public television, however, we will not replace your regularly scheduled dose of entertainment with boring clips of singing guys and talking head fundraisers. (If you've never seen public television in the US, trust me, the funding drives are obnoxious.)

Why do I give? I give because I believe in OTW's mission and because I love the products it has given me: For all its still-in-beta rough edges, AO3 is exactly what I envisioned when I read that first post proposing that fandom needed an archive of its own. It's everything I missed from the great era of archives mixed with wonderful journal features I no longer want to do without (threaded comments!). It welcomes all of my fic, from the tamest to the wackiest, all of my fandoms, and even my vids and art. As a vidder, I expect to use embeds, and I expect to change hosting, but I had never imagined how wonderful it would be to have proper archive tagging and searching. Vidding has never had a site like; beginning to use AO3 this way has been marvelous.

Fanlore is developing into an impressive resource for the zine shopper. There have been zine listings before, but few as helpful or complete. I have also enjoyed improving the articles on internet history and taking a stab at a few of the anime/manga ones. Some content areas remain sadly anemic; the great joy of wiki editing is collaboration, so I hope more people will join me.

Transformative Works & Cultures, though an academic journal, can be fun reading for the layperson. I particularly enjoyed the vidding issue (especially Toward an ecology of vidding--if you've never "gotten" vids, this article is for you). Our preservation, advocacy, and other efforts outside of AO3 are often less visible, but their absence would make us all poorer.

I got into fandom when I was 13--lurked, played, wrote, discussed, and participated for years before I had a credit card, a strong sense of history, or the desire and ability to support fandom projects. The biggest reason I give is for all of today's 13 year-olds, for fans who cannot afford to, for fans who can't send money to the US. I give money for the same reason I volunteer for OTW and the same reason I'm on the Board: I give so that all of us can enjoy what OTW has to offer.

Fandom Is Love: Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 3-9
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I signed up.
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Worlds Greatest Detective

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Slightly off topic: After reading this post I finally realized that you are the same Franzeska that signed the email reminding me to renew my donation to OTW today.

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Re: Worlds Greatest Detective

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Opps! Sorry! I didn't mean to cross streams on you! D:

(Still, you're awesome~ Even if you didn't write the email!)
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Beautifully written :)