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For people who were watching Haven at my place

For most series, commentaries with the writers/producers/etc. are usually more interesting and informative. Commentaries with the Haven cast, however, contain gems such as:

"I'm kind of hoping for the episode where we find out they're not actually brothers but they're lovers."

On-topic, as always, cast! (This after a discussion of rating episodes by whether Eric Balfour is having a good hair day and before they perv on Balfour's shirtless scene and sing along to the theme song. *sporfle*)
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Hahahahaha I love everything in this post. OMG I want them to be lovers instead of brothers too!!

Now when's the next viewing party? We have multiple seasons to get through! ;)
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I so wish I could be there!
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"Brothers" is obvs old-timey Maine-speak exactly that.