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Three seasons of Haven in three days

Damn you, people who told me about this show. You know who you are. Especially killa, who sent a vid to Escapade not this last February but the year before. I didn't actually appreciate the vid at the time, but it did make it all too obvious what would happen once I watched even a single episode. (Which is exactly why I only got around to that last weekend.)

I have so many thoughts and no time to write them up in a big post for my journal... But I will say it is the perfect show and that its first season DVD set is even more perfect for being stuffed full of commentaries. I love commentaries. Love. I have the special edition of Tesis imported from Spain just so I can listen to the director's commentary. I've even listened to the director's commentary enough times that I actually understand what he's saying. (He has a soft voice. The original sound is up too loud. Castellano marbles in mouth mumbling central. Oy.) I failed to watch all of the movies I wanted to for my Bava vid because I got distracted by commentaries. It's a sickness. Seriously.

So, naturally, the instant my DVDs arrived, I started watching the commentaries. Which are full of spoilers, JSYK.

I started with the pilot, and it was wonderful to get two of the three main cast plus crew who were important artistically and had things to say. (Those commentaries where people go "Shout out to my favorite grip Joe!" and don't comment on the plot/characters/writing are so boring.) I love all three of the main characters, but Duke is probably my favorite by a slight margin, so I was a little sad Eric Balfour was the one missing from that commentary, but whatever. So I'm watching happily but noticing that while Duke has some great scenes, he really seems like more of a side character at the very beginning. Yay funny stories. Yay producer/writer/creator people talking about artistic decisions... And then there's the end of the episode where Audrey is carrying flowers in, and they reveal that they filmed her kissing Nathan's cheek. They ended up cutting it and putting it in a much later episode because it didn't feel "earned", but somebody on the commentary said he felt it would have been good to have it in there because it showed even that early in the series that "these two people are destined to be together".

*traumatized face*

I'd take a picture of my traumatized face, but I'm too lazy. But, seriously, harshing on my OT3 squee here, guys. That kind of ~destined couple~ shit is not the vibe I got watching the show the first time. It was disappointing to get such a matter of fact statement of it in the commentary. I was like: Wait, was that what the creators/writers wanted us to get from this? HAVE I READ IT ALL WRONG? Lightning from heaven. Crying alone in the rain. etc.

I skipped the next several commentaries for now because I recall those episodes being relatively light on Duke and/or the commentaries don't include the actors, and I was curious to hear Eric Balfour do a commentary. Episode 5 has all three of the leads on the commentary plus a bunch of writers/producers/etc., and it's awesome. It perked me right up. But then I got to the part where Audrey stands Duke up, and somebody on the commentary was going on about how it's not really a date, more of a getting to know you thing... I was sighing and preparing myself for more commentary about Audrey/Nathan and destiny... And then everyone else on the commentary was like: "You are so naive. 'Getting to know you' LOL! It's totally a date!" Bwa ha ha. The actors had some things to say about how glad they were the show hadn't been taken in standard love triangle directions. (Even if you weren't all hot actors, I would kiss you!) And then everyone perved on Eric Balfour's mostly naked body and talked about Duke all episode, so I was happy.


...and then we get to the end where Duke opens the door and shares a significant look with Nathan. This is what is on the commentary at that point (as best I can make out around everyone talking over each other and breaking up laughing):

Emily Rose: "This little look is used in multiple fan videos, so I think that validated... Ahahaha I love it..."

"There's a love story going on betwe..."

Emily Rose: "There... That's the love triangle. That's part of the love triangle right there."

"It is."

"It really is."

Sam Ernst: "You know, Jim and I have been friends for twenty-five years, and we value, mm, you know, bromances. We know them well, and they're, ah, they're intense."


How many fan videos has Emily Rose watched anyway?
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While the latter's pretty funny, I admit it was more the former, but, well, not a surprise. Also I was on my way out the door when I read this and really that comment seemed to sum everything up succinctly.

Entirely looking forward to your vids. *g*
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Hehhehe. Tiff came to visit in December, and I made her watch all of season 1 over the weekend. All three in three days? I am impressed.

Semantically, just because they said Audrey and Nathan are destined to be together, they didn't say Duke wasn't in the picture... ;p Have you watched any interviews with the cast? Eric Balfour is genetically incapable of not being flippant, it's entertaining. More than once on the S3 press junket tour, iirc, he flat out said that he and Nathan should resolve their differences by getting it on. I think the cast is pretty pro-OT3, whether or not the show is.

I look forward to watching the Haven crackvid set to an 80s power ballad or whatever your marvelous brain is cooking up. :)
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Those both sound awesome, hope your computer starts cooperating soon.
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Damnit, I really do need to buy the DVDs, don't I.
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They should all ship the OT3. So many do, it must be destiny.

(Actually, I've only seen s1 so I don't know what happens next..)
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I'm not laughing. Really. Honest and truly!

Also, hi!
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