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Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 09:04 pm
Tonight's Escapade call got canceled, so I'm messing around on the internet instead of being productive. I remain extremely excited about the list of people who have already pre-registered and about our Friday night dance party plans. And, hey, I have a long list of Starsky & Hutch vids that work for dance parties. Now if I can just find something at least moderately appropriate for the rest of the classic slash fandoms...

Escapade is going to be awesome. If you can get to LA next March, you should come.
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Saturday, October 25th, 2014 07:50 pm
Oh, so many con reports that I have not written from cons past. Doh. So I will write my relatively modest SHarecon one before I entirely forget.

This was my third SHarecon. For the first two, I lived in NYC and took the train down to the DC area. This time, I flew. You might be wondering if it's really worth it to fly across the country for a Starsky & Hutch con. It is. SHarecon is a really awesome con at which I always have a fantastic time. (Yes, I do write con reports for reasons other than kvetching.) It's a tiny con, warm and friendly, and very interested in "New Recruits". I can truthfully say that the existence of this con is 100% responsible for keeping me paying attention to Starsky & Hutch, however vague that attention may sometimes be.

This year was also a blast because of the unexpected (to me anyway) presence of [personal profile] dorinda, [personal profile] przed, and Deb Walsh. I had just been bitching about the lack of findable I Spy vids online, so running into [personal profile] przed right after that was amusing. We had a nice chat about the hosting woes of vidders. Deb I hadn't seen in ages, not since Media West, a con I went to several years ago and haven't managed to make it back to because it is irritatingly located and I am broke. Of course, I failed to interview her yet again. Oops. I blame it on SHarecon just being so much fun that I never have time to drag people away from the festivities. Deb is fascinating to talk to because, like a lot of people at SHarecon, she's an oldschool zine fandom person, but, unlike most of them, she used to only be into gen. The history of gen zines is a gaping hole in my interview pattern.

Dance party and vids )

LJ *does* have a clear successor, and that successor is Tumblr. )
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Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 04:14 am
I should have known she'd never have gotten as maudlin and soppy as yesterday if it weren't her last chance. Mom the clam. Haha.

Prior to that, our last conversation was about whether she did or did not feed Puddles the duck to her niece as a child. (The niece maintains she is scarred for life. Mom maintained that she never named the ones she was going to eat, so while she may have fed her a duck, it certainly wouldn't have been Puddles.) Duck for Thanksgiving... sounds pretty good, actually.
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Sunday, October 19th, 2014 03:01 pm
Dear Festividder

I am exhausted right now, so I suspect this letter will end up being modest and terse… for me--meaning it will be about five times the length of any normal letter. If you're scared of long letters or vidding or me, relax. Festivids has a long (err… well… Festivids-length) tradition of n00bs signing up. I've received someone's first vid in another exchange. Those vids turn out great and nobody can tell the difference. You don't have to be a genius or have been vidding since you were in diapers or own a lot of expensive software to make a good Festivid. You also don't have to read to the end of this letter. (But I bet you will, sucker. ;D)

On with the tl;dr!

(Click on one of the tags at the top to see the version of this post with nested cut tags. That will make it easier to navigate.)

General tastes )

Or, LBR, you could make me the vid you were already planning to make in this fandom when you decided to offer it. ;)

Music )


Chee & Leaphorn Mysteries [TV] )
Framed (1992) [TV] )
I Spy [TV] )
Longmire [TV] )
Miami Vice [TV] )
Onmyouji (2001) [Movie] )
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [TV] )
Veritas: The Quest [TV] )

Edited to add: Yes, I've seen the news stories. I don't have any trouble separating my feelings about a nasty rapist from my feelings about their art. You're still welcome to make me an I Spy vid if you want to.
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Saturday, October 11th, 2014 02:24 pm
Dear Yulegoat,

It is once again that time of year, that magical time when stores begin to fill with aesthetically-questionable depictions of santa and green and red decorations sprout like poisonously festive fungus before we're even past Halloween. Fandom could hardly let retail have all the fun, now could it? By my count, we've been talking about Yuletide for at least two months already, so it's high time for letters.

First thing's first: If you are new to Yuletide, you should know that optional details are optional and letters are extra optional. Many people feel that the best letter is succinct for fear of terrifying the writer with a staggering wall of text. You have... not been assigned one of those recipients this year. My condolences.

Cry 'Fic' and let slip the teal deer of Yuletide!

This letter is designed to be perused via multiple levels of nested cut tags. Click on one of the tags instead of the post itself (which will give you the full tl;dr all at once).

A few brief notes about my tastes )

Veritas: The Quest )

Walt Longmire Mysteries - Craig Johnson )

I Spy (1965) )

Smoke Signals (1998) )

Grimm (TV) )

Framed (TV 1992) )

If any of these fandoms get kicked out of the final tagset (unlikely except for 1), I'll just remove them from my letter. The requests above are final: I've spent way too long coming up with them to change between now and signups. Oh, and last but not least, yes, I do plan to write more words of yuletide fic than yulegoat letter. Why do you ask? ;D

Edited to add: Yes, I've seen the news stories. I don't have any trouble separating my feelings about a nasty rapist from my feelings about their art. You're still welcome to write me an I Spy story.
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Sunday, September 28th, 2014 05:48 pm
[personal profile] starlady reminded me that like none of my vids have their songs credited properly. Oops. This is partly because my life has been a scattered mess for some time and partly because I tend to forget since my DW posts (when I've bothered to make them) usually list the songs, many of my vids are for cons that list the songs in the program, and Youtube has an auto-match on almost everything I've done. But, I now consider AO3 the primary home of my vids, so it should be up to date too... and more than that, this is an opportunity to do something I've been meaning to: list songs as tags.

Back in ye olden days of my fandom life, I spent a lot of time in anime fandoms and watched a bunch of AMVs. Like any little anime nerd of the day, I found many of these through does have hosting, but it's more of a listing site, and what a listing site it is! You can easily search it for song titles and see just how overused your song is. You can get a sense of how overused the artist is too. The site is nothing but fannish video, so everything about the structure is designed with that in mind. Of course, these days, the design is showing its age, and the elitism of the site has chased away the newer, less tech-savvy types. The site also doesn't allow any vids not of anime, and I am told it doesn't allow yaoi vids either? It's not absolutely perfect, but it is unusual for being so large and central to a fannish video community and not being built around fic or art or anything else with vids as a secondary concern. I can't think of much else like that. (There's that Buffy database, I think? I've looked at it, but I remember finding it very hard to navigate.)

AO3, on the other hand, shows a lot of fic bias in the design. Personally, I'm cool with that. I was a reader before I was anything else, and then I was a writer long before I was a vidder. I love being able to put all of my fanworks in the same place and not having restrictions on fandom or content. AO3 is not designed specifically for vids, but, on the other hand, it does allow considerable freedom in tagging. I also appreciate the backdating features and the ability to designate someone as a recipient. (Sorry, Festivids recipients if you get a notification today and are sad it's not a new present.) Most importantly, I like the fandom-centric searching and browsing and archival nature of the site. Things get lost quickly on Tumblr and only slightly less quickly on DW/LJ. Youtube is full of canon content, so searching for a fandom's name is useless, and many vidders don't tag with words like 'fanvid'.

As more and more people use AO3 for vids, it occurs to me that we should be using the tags more and more consistently. If enough people reached some consensus about how to tag, we could have some of the advantages of without the disadvantages. Things like song choice, vid length, vid genre, type of hosting (streaming, download), premiere location, or cons the vid has shown at can easily be tagged for.

'Fanvids' is the canonical vid tag right now. 'Video Format: Streaming' is popular. I've just gone through and tagged all of mine with "[song title] - [artist]" tags. It will be interesting to see how (or if) tagging patterns emerge.
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Friday, September 26th, 2014 12:26 pm
Festivids nominations are open. I still haven't posted my VividCon report or even my Escapade report from last February. Oops. At some point, I'll post that as part of pimping next year's con. Come to Escapade #25, guys.

Unlike Yuletide, you can see a full list of Festivids nominations, but if anyone is wondering, the things I'm contemplating for this year so far include Veritas: The Quest, I Spy, and Longmire (my most current fandoms), as well as The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, the Chee & Leaphorn mysteries, The Magnificent Seven (1998) [TV], Magnum PI, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Miami Vice, and Wiseguy. Is Grimm eligible? That one's always fun.

I feel like I'm forgetting a million things. Are there other old-ass classic fandoms that are eligible? I'd love to see a bunch of slashy festivids for classic fandoms go to Escapade this year, but many of the classic fandoms obviously have way too many vids to qualify.
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Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 11:15 pm
I also made a club vivid vid about D'Artagnan, Athos, and D'Artagnan's attempts to hit that... err... I mean about the profound and manly bond between the musketeers. (Spoiler: The Musketeers contains exactly as much leather and hoyay as you were expecting. Whether it contains any French history and/or book details is a matter of debate, but it definitely contains leather.) I chose a very silly Eurovision song the main lyrics of which are "I will be popular" and "My body wants you, Girl", which are obviously lyrics that scream adult men in a historical drama, no?

Okay, but seriously, Eric Saade reminds me of Luke Pasqualino and he made that weird French costume drama music video for Masquerade (another song I'd love to vid but haven't found an appropriate source for yet).

Popular Table )

And then Killa bid on me in the Auction and I made another Musketeers vid, this one much more team-y or OT4-y because while D'Artagnan's objective through most of season one seems to be to get in Athos' pants gain Athos' respect, it's also a show that is all about the team. As is obvious, the number one reason for this song choice is that part with the Cardinal--the one you just laughed at. Yes, that part.

Again )

You'll all be watching The Musketeers now, yes? Yes?

My other vid for Vividcon was for Challenge. 'Gift' wasn't really speaking to me. Also, I have a terrible sense of humor, so the first thing that popped into my mind was not gifts spiritual, intellectual, or monetary but rather the absurd fangirl German of Grimm where Monroe helpfully informs us that 'gift' in German means 'poison' and that this used to make Christmas weird. Grimm is criminally overlooked by most parts of fandom I'm in, so I couldn't resist vidding it and its stupid German jokes. Hank is both my favorite and a character with exactly the right level of screen time to make a last-minute vid much easier. He's around all the time in a less central capacity, but there are several Hank-centric episodes that I could get off of iTunes without having to rewatch the entire series.

Grimm Gifts )
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Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 10:31 pm
I have been running around to language exchanges and job interviews and things, but I guess I should post some thoughts on my vids before I completely forget.

I had four vids in VividCon this year, all premieres. The one that was most personally exciting to me was my vid for the premieres show, which was of Lie With Me, a movie that gets me in the gut like few others. It's one of those art films with a lot of sex, little dialogue, and a story told through silent reaction shots. It reminds me of all the shit I loved as a teenager. Sadly, I couldn't possibly find any one song to do justice to Leila's progression through casual sex, pushing away a clingy boyfriend, and then freaking out because emotions are a thing. I went with the emotions are a thing part of the movie. It was the clearest narratively. I wish I'd been able to get in all the parts where she sits around masturbating to porn because she's bored or all of the other stuff that reminds me of all of the actual women I know and none of the media I consume. This movie is all about Leila, which is why the beginning of the vid is nothing but her. That plus the fact that it amused me to spring Eric Balfour on people unawares. Success! (But, seriously, she's the main character and the character who actually matters.)

To my annoyance, this vid's title was "corrected" to match the song title in the Vividcon program despite me submitting it with my title in the web form and naming my upload files with my title (yes, I checked before posting this). The song is "The Pier", a title that doesn't have an obvious connection to the song's lyrics and that didn't speak to me in the context of this movie. (It makes me wonder if the song is about a personal experience that involves a pier or what.) Casting about for title ideas, I eventually decided on "Peer" sans article because this love story is all about voyeurism, both emotional and sexual, and about trying to find someone who is your equal. It probably wouldn't have changed anything people had to say for vid review, but it's still irritating that the title was wrong. I know people make a lot of typos and it's nice of whomever to try to catch them, but jeez.

blah blah vid )

Lyrics )
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Friday, August 8th, 2014 09:55 pm
They have herradura and margarita mix this year. I am doomed.

Just had a v. interesting conversation with a Con.txt concom member. Feel much better about their actual policies. Still v. negative about how those policies are stated on the website.

Made cheesy Musketeers vid. Tell me how brilliant I am and get earwormed by Eurovision:
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Monday, July 14th, 2014 02:46 pm
I was going to post another angry post about CON.TXT, dissecting the vidshow playlist in detail, but after watching the glorious insanity that was DashCon go down all over social media, I think my bar for con success has been permanently lowered. You'll find some parting shots later in this post, but I think I'll skip the detailed analysis.

This DashCon situation is fucking nostalgic. It's like we're back in the glory days of Fandom Wank and some Harry Potter BNFs are having a throwdown. Even Nimbus 2003 wasn't this entertaining! Should I be glad or sorry that FishieMishie talked me out of going? At any rate, I was glad to see all of the friendly Con*Strict crowd again.

Con*Strict went well for the rest of the weekend: Lots of fandom-specific panels I didn't care about and low-key meta panels I wandered in and out of. People have successfully convinced me to watch two things, a rarity at pimping panels:

#1: Veritas: The Quest - Described to me as bad Indiana Jones-style "archeology" (Sold!) plus Eric Balfour (Extra sold!)

#2: The Red Road - Apparently, this is what Zahn McClarnon has been up to when he's not guest starring on Longmire. It's on the Sundance channel, so nobody has seen it even though it stars Jason Momoa.

Vidding stuff )

It's the End of the World: Must Be Tuesday from Franzeska Dickson on Vimeo.

password = haven

Shot for the Pain from Franzeska Dickson on Vimeo.

password = pennydreadful
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Friday, July 11th, 2014 10:05 pm
Well, I feel like a genius, since I managed to miss my flight to Con*Strict, the first flight I have ever missed in my entire life. Ow, my wallet.

On the bright side, the con is fun and friendly as ever. They do the vid show Friday and then a movie or something of that sort. This year, it was the episode of Hotel Impossible that featured the old con hotel. I have to say: bad as it looked on the show, it still looked much, much, much better than the reality.

The vid show rocked. Kudos to Sian for finding a lot of vids I haven't seen before, including by vidders I know but don't necessarily keep up with well.

And now I have to prepare for my vidding 101 panel. Doh. I wish I'd known earlier that it was going to make the schedule.
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Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 09:48 pm
It's never too early to start planning for room parties, so...

Penny Dreadful
Sunday at 7pm
Room # TBA

See you at VividCon!
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Thursday, June 26th, 2014 11:06 pm
I've mostly been spamming Tumblr with ads for Parallels (sorry, Tumblr friends, but I'm keeping the official Parallels account for news, so advertising spam goes to my personal account). Parallels is the Yuletide-style rare fandoms exchange I run every summer. It's for fandoms based on media from Asia. It also allows vids, art, and graphics in addition to fic.

Whether I assign myself anyone depends on the logistics of matching in a given year, but there will eventually be a Dear Parallels Creator letter here.

ETA: Oops. And time has gotten away from me. There will eventually be a bit more of a letter here. But, really, don't be intimidated. I'll like whatever you make.

ETA 2: Wow, I fail a lot.

To reiterate, I like all of the fandoms I requested (yes, despite the wildly different levels of detail), and I am happy with any kind of fanworks for them. If you would prefer to make graphics, I would especially love something I could use to advertise Parallels with in the future, but it's up to you.

My requests in their full form are visible on AO3 with the others. Here are the fandoms:

Tokyo Decadence
2002/Special Unit 2002
Dhoom movie series

So one Japanese movie series that's all about the Heian period fangirling, a Bollywood movie series that's all about the massive quantities of AWESOME, an urban fantasy crime fighting komik you can read most of online, a Hong Kong movie that's also urban fantasy crime fighting (crime procedural + sf/f/horror is my favorite genre, really), and two Japanese movies from the 90s that are kind of like all the other movies I loved in the 90s as a teenager... namely, sexual, bizarre, and really creepy. Rampo (also called The Mystery of Rampo) is a very meta movie about the Japanese mystery novelist. It's full of freudian gothic lit crap. Tokyo Decadence is a porno movie with a plot, more or less.
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Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 02:50 pm
So that meta I said I'd be writing... I'm still writing it. This is other meta. Oops. But at least I have survived a round of deadlines, so I am now free-ish to write such things.

My week, for reference )

So, meta... I've been thinking about AO3 comments lately. Everyone says that the great age of discussion in fandom is dead. Concrit and reader-oriented reviews are taboo. The golden age of Livejournal will never come again. Tumblr is like screaming into the void. The sky is falling. Cats and dogs living together, etc.

The king is dead, long live the king.

Tumblr is badly designed in a terrible mid-90s way, but we had plenty of discussion back then, and we have plenty of discussion on Tumblr now too. I'm bad about fostering discussion on DW because I'm bad about keeping up with any fannish platform lately (Cf. list above). But it's not just bad platforms and it's not just time: I have also noticed that we are doing a terrible job of using some of the tools we have. Number one on that list is AO3 comments.

I keep seeing people lament that AO3 has no commenting culture, that it's rude to start a side conversation with another reader, that it feels intrusive to try to start a conversation with a fic author, that it feels awkward to leave comments at all, that replying to comments needlessly inflates comment count, yadda yadda. Well, guess what? Side conversations and inflated comment counts are staples of "commenting culture". AO3 was designed by a community that had grown used to Livejournal. It's basically the love child of LJ and all those big archives from the late 90s/early 00s. It has threaded comments for a reason.

What AO3 doesn't have is a decade of established fannish practice. But I haven't seen negative reactions to discussion. As soon as a given work has conversation, more people join in. Megafandom WIPs are starting to generate the same kind of environment they always have where readers talk to each other. My small fandom works get a fair number of real comments, partly because readers/viewers are desperate to share the fandom with someone, and my fic/vid/whatever is the first sign of a fandom they've found. Believe me, nobody finds those comments intrusive or unwelcome, whether they're about the fic or just: "OMG somebody else likes this canon?!"

I do love the kudos feature. I use it when I enjoyed something but don't feel like conversing. When I leave a comment, it's because I want to interact. And I have never yet had a bad experience trying to interact on AO3. Most people, confronted with a comment that invites conversation, will comment back. There is no real impediment to AO3 having an active commenting culture other than our own trepidation.

So consider this a plug for AO3 as the future hub of discussion, analysis, and meta-oriented fandom.

And, for that matter, there's nothing stopping us from posting tl;dr on Tumblr. A lot of it isn't popular, but some of it is and gets reblogged forever. You don't need all of fandom to respond and care to feel like you're having a good conversation. In fact, huge fandoms can have that same screaming into the void quality even when they're highly active. What you need is a few people who will consistently show up in the same place and be willing to talk about the same thing. In other words, community. And you can do that on any platform once you locate a few like-minded people.
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Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 06:11 pm
So... I have now been to my second con since Escapade. Have I written my Escapade report? Have I written my Bitchin' Party report? Ahahaha. *sigh* Both were great, and I'll be writing both up at some point, but I'm starting with CON.TXT before I fall even farther behind. I'm running out to dinner, so I guess I'll just post this in its relatively unexpurgated form.

The short version: Two years ago, CON.TXT was a con I would fly across the country for. This year's CON.TXT wasn't.

It was a mellow con for me. A number of little things add up to make me feel like this year was enjoyable but not the big event I would have preferred. Maybe I've changed too and what I want out of a con now is a bit different, but it felt like there was an energy at the con two years ago that there wasn't this time.

The con continues to have an awesome location: accessible via metro from the airport, within walking distance of many different delicious food options that are not shitty fast food chains, within walking distance of places like Radioshack/convenience stores/grocery stores/etc. It continues to have an excellent and informative website and helpful news distribution (LJ, mailing list, etc.). The Dead Dog is a time for honest feedback including the negative stuff. The con com is friendly, does a good job, and is not full of themselves. I would still highly recommend the con to people in the area and probably to fans who want to travel for it. I would not recommend it for vidders.

People )

Before I forget, Zvi plied me with bookmarks for Connexions while I was distracting her from her volunteering shift. East Coast slash con attendees take note: this venerable con is restarting in August 2015. I reserve August for VividCon, but you non-vidders should check it out.

panels )

The dance party )

Saturday night )

But the evening overall also felt subdued, and that was partly the preceding vidshow. Oh boy... where do I start? Maybe if the Friday party had felt more awesome to me... Maybe if there had been a critical mass of some other set of my friends... Maybe if I'd loved the panels... I know I happily submitted a premiere to the show two years ago, so whatever the guidelines were then didn't bother me. Probably I was too excited to actually read them. My experience of the con that time was of a very, very OT3-friendly con. It made me feel at home and like this was an offline version of contemporary Livejournal fandom (of 2 years ago, not the even greater tumbleweeds of 2014). I think it was that happy memory of feeling like I fit in that made it seem worth getting up in the middle of the night to fly across the country.

The vid show submission guidelines made me feel anything but.

The guidelines:
From the CON.TXT website: "For the 2014 vid show, we're following the same template we've used in previous cons after the very first (you can see the playlists for earlier vid shows by clicking on Playlist, above, and then clicking the year), which is to say that we'll be taking vid submissions and our goal is to put together a Saturday night vid show that consists of roughly half submissions and half selections."

"Important Points About the CON.TXT 2014 Vid Show:
• CON.TXT is a slash con and the vid show will be devoted exclusively to slash (m/m or f/f) vids. We're not going to attempt to strictly define "slash" here - just use your best judgment (and feel free to contact us if you're uncertain). The vid com will make the final determination if there's an issue.

"In an effort to make the vid show as enjoyable and appealing to as wide a range of fans as possible, we are going to take into consideration, and will actively attempt to balance, fandoms, vidders, song and musical styles, vid lengths, and other similar factors in selecting vids for the show. Also, the vid show lasts only a limited time (approximately two hours, including a break), and only a portion of that time will be devoted to submitted vids. So we cannot guarantee that a submitted vid will actually be in the show."

I tried to be excited about making a m/m or f/f vid. I really did. But you know how when you sign up for an exchange and you get details that are like "I hate your OTP!", your mind just goes blank and you can't think of anything else to write even though you normally love all of the other pairings in that fandom and gen casefic too? It was like that. All of my joy at making anything went away. It was like pulling teeth to get a vid done at all. I eventually sat down right before the deadline and vidded something in a sitting. It's a slightly peculiar Haven vid. It's half a gen canon overview with m/m awkwardly pasted on and half an OT3 vid with Audrey painfully excised. I was honestly worried it would be rejected, but it wasn't.

The main CON.TXT vidshow room is supposed to be the loud one. I didn't realize that, partly because people were so quiet. Were they not having a good time? I am not sure. Someone complained at the Dead Dog that they'd been shushed when they wanted to talk. To my great surprise and pleasure, everyone sang along loudly to my vid. I wasn't sure how the cover of It's the End of the World As We Know It would go over, but people either didn't notice or, in one case, were apparently ecstatic that I had used the "One True Cover Version". I'm especially happy because understanding the lyrics does help with some of the faster, more context-reliant bits of editing. (And I know you guys understood them because you were bellowing the verses too.)

People certainly applauded loudly enough after the vids, but it felt like maybe the energy was a little down from what I'd hope for overall. Despite the show supposedly balancing different styles and including different fandoms and all of that, I wasn't getting a strong feeling of "OMG, MY SHIP!" from most of the room except on the White Collar OT3 vid and, okay, talitha78's Steve/Bucky and Thor/Loki vids. The show also reached its climax with the most WTF choice imaginable. Ending on lulzy Thor/Loki would have worked. Ending on an angsty three-fandom vid nobody gets because nobody's seen Merlin and Kings and that Alexander movie followed by a bittersweet Shelter vid is terrible. If those needed to be in at all (and I would never in a million years have put in the 3-fandom one), they should have been in the middle of one of the halves.

I hear tell that the issue with CON.TXT's vidshow may be in part that they do ask permission to show things. That's an admirable effort. (Though, dude, VidUKon sends a courtesy notification and then assumes you agree if you don't respond. This is pretty normal for cons. It's not like making a zine of somebody's fic without asking.) On the other hand, I've watched all of the festivids except the ones from the first year and been to most of the cons where the rest of this playlist debuted and seen most of the vids of the people who debuted theirs online. I can say with perfect assurance that there are a zillion other good vids from those sources, plenty of them more appropriate for this vidshow.

If I had to guess, I would say that the stumbling block is treating vids like fic. Yes, there are people who don't want "an icky peanut butter girl in their delicious m&m" or who never read gen. When it comes to vidders, though, it's just not like that, at least not for the VVC "vidding is my fandom" types. Even those of us who vid plenty of m/m vid an awful lot of canon recap, character studies, and random other shit. If con vidshows must insist on doing their research by looking through Festivids, many of the best vids aren't m/m. If cons want all shipping all the time, they need to branch out and look for vidders on Youtube who aren't part of these same circles. And, yes, a lot of those people are hard to contact or don't give a shit about this kind of con.

A vidshow should take the audience into account because they're kind of trapped once they attend at all, but I also feel it should be like a con art show: about the artists as fellow fans who attend the convention and are a part of the community, not about entertaining a passive audience with perfect, 100% professional and to-their-liking entertainment. Neither should have a minimum allowed talent level. Neither should turn away pieces by attending members because being able to get your stuff in is the entire point of going to an in-person gathering these days. Having some more beginner pieces in encourages people to get better and other people to try the artform out for themselves. The way CON.TXT is right now, I don't feel like it's actually interested in vidders at all. And this from a young-ish, livejournal-y con! Escapade, which has every excuse to be a bunch of old fogeys who like "Slash only!!!", yet it has a general vidshow with no specific slash requirements. The contrast makes CON.TXT look out of touch and anti-vidder. I don't think I will bother attending or submitting vids again.

I'm late for my train, so I'm going to post this and bolt out the door. I have more thoughts on vidding-as-fandom and how it differs from slash-as-fandom even for vidders who identify as slashers, but they'll have to wait. Or you can have that conversation in the comments for me and save me the trouble. Hahaha.
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Thursday, June 12th, 2014 11:33 pm
Having a blast at CON.TXT already. Lots of familiar faces at early registration, and the hotel has Showtime, so I can watch Penny Dreadful live on Sunday. Who wants to join me?

And if you aren't watching this show, you should be. It's like the fannish id puked all over my tv screen. (Or consumptively coughed up blood, given this show.)
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Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 12:56 am
Okay, I have like five meta posts I am overdue on and a pile of real work, but I am amused at this meme going around where you list 10 movies that represent you or would let someone get to know you or something. They don't have to be your favorite movies, though I usually think my favorite movies say quite a lot about me. So, in no particular order:

Bandits (2001)
City of Lost Children
Crash (1996)
Harold & Maude
Laura (1944)
Lie With Me (2005)
Matador (1986)
Sex, Lies, and Videotape
Speed Racer (2008)
Tesis (1996)

Well, one thing this list says about me is that I like movies with generic titles shared with other movies. Doh.

But, really, it just shows that I'm an optimist who likes to see characters become self-actualized and achieve their goals and that I'm a romantic.
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Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 12:54 pm
I called the hotel to ask if the room TVs have HDMI ports. After some general WTF from the desk staff, I eventually got transferred to a guy who seemed to know what he was talking about. He says they don't but that they do have RCA plugs. (Whether these have been intentionally disabled as in many assholish hotels that want you to use their pay-per-view is another question, but at least I know it's worth wasting some space on those cords.)
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Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 02:06 am
Isle of Squee room party sign

Ahoy, mateys! I be needin’ some stalwart souls to help me celebrate me 20th year in fandom. Join me on the tropical Isle of Squee where the drinks be blue and the men be shirtless. There be pirate booty* for the first 25 of ye to brave these waters.

Saturday, after the vidshow. (Room # TBA.)

* Not a euphemism.**
** Probably.