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I called the hotel to ask if the room TVs have HDMI ports. After some general WTF from the desk staff, I eventually got transferred to a guy who seemed to know what he was talking about. He says they don't but that they do have RCA plugs. (Whether these have been intentionally disabled as in many assholish hotels that want you to use their pay-per-view is another question, but at least I know it's worth wasting some space on those cords.)
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Isle of Squee room party sign

Ahoy, mateys! I be needin’ some stalwart souls to help me celebrate me 20th year in fandom. Join me on the tropical Isle of Squee where the drinks be blue and the men be shirtless. There be pirate booty* for the first 25 of ye to brave these waters.

Saturday, after the vidshow. (Room # TBA.)

* Not a euphemism.**
** Probably.
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I love room parties, but I have noticed that they tend to really skimp on the decorations, both because those are a nuisance to get to the con and because it's hard to stick them to the walls in a hotel room without fucking something up. But nothing says PARTY like gratuitous flamingos or tiki masks. My local party store had an entire section of "luau party" supplies that achieve a transcendent level of glittery bad taste. So you know what that means:

Pack your tackiest Hawaiian shirt, people! I'm bringing the booze and it's going to be blue!

Saturday night, after the vidshow. Official announcement forthcoming when I get around to making a pretty graphic.

...and now to plan the panels I don't have spreadsheets for yet and schedule oral history interviews and finish my art for the art show. And my packing list... OH GOD WHERE DID THE TIME GO?
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Wow, I am so late with recs. This year, I was sadly not that into most of the fandoms, and I've been feeling a little disconnected and blah, so it was harder for the vids to pique my interest. Here are the ones I remember vividly and have gone back to rewatch.

Uncharted - Adorable, hopeful zombie love with beautiful timing and a perfect ending. I have watched this at least 10 times.

The Boxer - I did not know Tim DeKay was in Carnivàle. Or that I loved him so much on it. This vid has rectified this lack of knowledge. This one blew me away more than anything else this year.

And another dozen recs )

And I was the recipient of a Crash vid that is... very Crash. Let this be a rec or a warning to you depending. ;D
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Woo! But it looks like some of the popular ones lack moderators or only have one mod. Now's the time volunteer to (help) run some of these. (No, I cannot run all of them myself. Do you really want to listen to me talk that much? ;D) See here for the official list of panels and descriptions or below for my own version.

My overall verdict: I like the viewer and beginning/non-vidder-centric topics that made the schedule, but I hope current vidders are not bored with the lack of vidder-centric ones. I wasn't going to go to any single-fandom panels except that you bastards all voted for super awesome fandoms I would not have thought would get panels, so now I'm torn. Every single meta panel is the best thing ever, and I know I said I would not mod everything this year, but how can I possibly give any up? Then they might get scheduled opposite something else I have to go to! The panels need to suck more so I have more free time for other things! (Okay, fine, this is not an actual problem.)

Meta panels )

Single-fandom panels )

Tech/Workshop )
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Wincon con report and Escapade

So... I have tried to write a Wincon con report multiple times, and, each time, it has come out as an impenetrable wall of invective and swearing. But I think it's important to write con reports, so I'm wrapping that unpleasantness into something a little more positive. Here's the short version:Wah, wah, wah. Everything sucks. )

Similar cons you should go to instead )

Panels make or break a con ) Having the same bad public speakers hold forth on every topic without calling on the audience or preparing ahead of time is absolutely a failure of the concom and there is no excuse. Not at WinCon, not at any other con. You can and should expect more for your money.

But enough bitching. The essential point I'm getting at here is that most dinky fancons could really use new people. Most are way under capacity or hovering a little below. Most could use more active attendees who suggest panels, offer to run panels, advertise the con, hold room parties, etc. etc. etc. Other attendees are a huge part of what makes any of these cons feel like "LJ in real life". (...I say as I post to DW and scroll through Tumblr.) Too few attendees or totally apathetic attendees take a lot of life out of a con. A few enthusiastic people can inject life back in. Support your local con today, yadda yadda.

Escapade and why you should go to it )

My room party )

Escapade posts a list of members online. The con can definitely have more than 98, and it's not till the very end of February, so you've got plenty of time to sign up. Join us!

Panel nominations are now closed, but I nominated every freakin' fandom and meta topic I could think of, and the suggestions from other people all look fantastic. At this stage, there should be something there for everyone. We have an amazing list to vote on soon. (Soon?) Don't forget to vote!

Summary of proposed Escapade panels )

oral history project )

Still here after this tl;dr? Awesome. One final note: Escapade is a great con. The vidshow rivals those anywhere but VividCon. The party, however... It's been a little, dare I say, tame. This year, we're hoping to turn it into a proper dance party with a dance vid playlist. The concom has said they'll make space for this, and a few of us have offered to make a playlist and take care of the vids part. I haven't seen the new hotel yet, so we'll see exactly how this plays out. Last year, the dancing was off in a room on the side and I never made it in there. I'm looking forward to this year.
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I'm always seeing discussions about why the great age of LJ meta seems to be over and how sad it is that nobody seems to post that kind of thing anymore. Personally, I find that my energy to craft essays has evaporated over time; plus I think meta often requires a steady stream of new fans who aren't yet tired of the big pan-fandom topics. But the other reason I don't post that kind of content much anymore is that, the more involved I have gotten with OTW, the less worth my time I find it to post things that could bring wank to my doorstep. (Witness the extreme lateness of my WinCon con report, which is going to be scathing whenever I finally get around to it.) Unfortunately but inevitably, posting wanky personal opinions brings down wank on everybody else's heads, and being on the Board has the potential to imbue personal journal posts with a faux authority I'd rather not give them. On the other hand, Big Bang Press is so annoying that I don't fucking care. (N.B.: Yes, of course this post is my personal opinion, not endorsed by OTW.)

Publishing, original fic, and fandom ) but I am also not convinced that BBP is on its way to being a responsible business that can put that money to good use. Why? Two reasons:

1. Lack of experience in traditional publishing: None of the PR stuff on BBP shows much knowledge of the industry. People starting successful indie presses usually know a lot about how other publishers work. Business acumen in another field might do in a pinch, but I'm seeing a lot of "Hey, kids, let's put on a show!" and not a lot of planning. In my opinion, planning should come first; asking fandom to open our wallets second.

2. Lack of anything to offer: The advantages BBP offers are illusory. Publishing may have some issues, but BBP's blandishments about traditional publishing not appreciating fandom's diamonds in the rough are nonsense. As everyone else on the internet has said by now, it does not take traditional training to finish your novel and write a damn query letter.

But I'm no publishing expert either, so I'll direct you to the Absolute Write thread and the Tumblr discussions debunking a lot of BBP's statements. They can explain better than I can why fans critical of BBP aren't just being mean and harshing the squee for no reason.

That's the background and preamble. The actual point of this post is that I am disgusted that people associated with BBP thought it was a good idea to advertise on AO3. Shame on you! I don't care if the ads came down quickly; someone put them up in the first place. Not only are you wasting fandom's money on a half-baked scheme, pretending like all these other presses don't exist, and acting like the big publishers are much worse than they really are, but you are ignoring the basic tenets of AO3 and OTW. I'd think regular AO3 users might care about that, if nothing else. Thanks for screwing over the original fic community that is only just starting to feel welcome on AO3. Thanks for making OTW look bad by association. Opinions on fandom and commercialization differ. I'm fine with that. But how dare you ignore AO3's rules so blatantly! You know better.

What were you thinking? )

I don't have anything against the people associated with BBP—far from it—but this venture is not ready for funding. It should go back to the drawing board until it is ready to deliver on its promises to kickstarter funders and its promise as a fun fandom-friendly business. At a bare minimum, it should not have moved forward without at least full drafts of all three novels and at least one person at the helm who knows something about the publishing industry. I would accept even someone who has no demonstrable track record but who gives answers that make sense and sound informed. The fact that BBP can't even provide that much should be a massive red flag. I will not donate and neither should you.

Shame on Big Bang Press and shame on everyone endorsing it.
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Dear Festividder,

This year, I have decided to request an entire slate of porny art films I loved as a teenager and movies that remind me of them. All of these requests are Nostalgia Central for me, and most of them I haven't seen in years. Both spoilers and dim memories abound. The blockquotes are my signup details.

Normally, I love crossovers and outside source, but I think most of my requests this year don't lend themselves well to that because of their distinctive visual styles. (Though if you have something that will work...) The exceptions are the Almodóvar films, which could easily be combined with his other movies of the same era. In my head, they're all the same movie anyway. The actors just swap haircuts and levels of evilness periodically.

Musically, I love awesome music, such as that produced by those bands that are clearly all the same band pretending to be from different places: Journey, Boston, Chicago, Kansas. Also rap. And salsa. And death metal. Carrie Newcomer is the only music currently on the computer I'm typing this on. Even the execrable Lady Gaga is starting to grow on me. I love LKBVs and the Deep and Moving music that lends itself to them. If a vid inspires distressed titters and people whispering "Was it supposed to be funny?", I will love it.

my requests )
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Dear Yulevictim,

I would like a pony. Or a magical sparkly unicorn with wings. Also for you to write a story without having an aneurism, so if the thought of a long and detailed letter fills you with fear, now might be the time to go write something based on my signup requests without reading further.

So, first thing's first: general tastes )

Smoke Signals
Victor Joseph, Thomas Builds-the-Fire Sherman Alexie and hoyay )

Lady Audley's Secret - Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Clara Talboys, George Talboys, Robert Audley Incestuous, slashy OT3s )

Chee and Leaphorn Series (TV)
Emma Leaphorn, Jim Chee, Joe Leaphorn Oh look, another m/m/f OT3 )

Il buono il brutto il cattivo | The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966)
Tuco Ramirez, "Blondie" | The Man with No Name Dirtybadwrong )

Audrey Parker, Duke Crocker, Nathan Wuornos OT3 to end all OT3s )
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It hasn't been that long, but I can already barely remember a day before AO3. Archives are my great love in fandom, and it was a dark, dark period for me when everything was on LJ. I love wikis, and I think our legal activism is some of the most important work we do, but as a user, it's all about AO3 for me. I coveted Yuletide's matching system for years, and now it can be mine! No less exciting is the realization that AO3 is awesome for vids. It's easy to aggregate multiple types of hosting with search functions that favor fandom. As a mod, as a vidder, as a lazy person looking for something quick to read before bed, AO3 deserves my money, this year and every year. Also, I want another one of those totes. They're totes awesome.

Banner by caitie featuring a red infinity sign with arrows and the title 'The Possibilities are Endless'
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People on FFA were complaining that there is nowhere non-anonymous with pan-fandom discussion in a journal context these days. So someone made one: [community profile] allfandom_chat I'll be interested to see if this experiment works.
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I usually don't have any idea what shows are premiering, but in 2010, I was eagerly awaiting the premiere of Hawaii Five-0. I love cheesy cop shows with exotic locations and bright colors. (Witness my deep and sincere love of CSI: Miami.) I was overjoyed to see Will Yun Lee in the first episode. I loved him on Witchblade, and he gave the creepy human trafficker of the pilot a welcome depth.

As the season progressed, I became displeased. Alex O'Loughlin has the emotional range and mien of a taxidermied fish. Steve's plots were too cliched to interest me without a more compelling character to hang them on. While I did love Danny, I didn't find the Steve-Danny relationship very interesting. And much, much, much worse, I loved both Kono and Chin Ho and was furious at how badly their potential was squandered. But then Sang Min came back, and he'd gotten a post-pilot personality transplant, like so many pilot villains do on so many series. Not only did he suddenly become sympathetic, but he turned up the sassiness a thousand percent. The show has continued to have occasional Kono and Chin episodes and great Asian American guest stars, Kamekona is awesome when he's not the butt of fat jokes, and Sang Min keeps coming back. As long as he does, so will I.

I haven't watched H50 regularly in a long time, but whenever I hear Sang Min was on again, I look for spoilers to see if he made it. Watching just those episodes, Sang Min has an unusually developed arc for a minor villain, and the other Asian actors, both regular and recurring, are front and center quite a lot. Danny is sassy, and Steve is relegated to his correct role: making aneurism face. If all of H50 were like this, it would be the best thing ever.

And through the power of video editing, it can be!

So here's "the Asian John Travolta" in all his fabulosity to bring a little disco to Club Vivid and now the audience at home.

Stayin' Sang Min from Franzeska Dickson on Vimeo.

password = h50

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Here's my challenge vid from this year. I felt like I should have chosen one of the themes from before I started attending Vividcon, but Blast from the Past is what spoke to me. Warnings for lots of season 3 spoilers.

Everything Nathan and Duke Know About the Fifties They Learned at the Movies from Franzeska Dickson on Vimeo.

password = haven

I have a lot of feelings about Haven season 3. Many of them are about Duke, as seen in my premiere. Several of them are about the episode Sarah. Specifically the following two:

"Ugh, are you for real?!"
"Ahahahahaha. WTF?"

Blather and more spoilers )

Music )
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VividCon is over except for the room parties, so it's vid posting time. I made three this year: A premiere, a challenge vid, and--finally--a Club Vivid vid. The discussions and vid critiques were great this year. I think having a panel on criticism the first day where we all vowed to be more honest was helpful. On the other hand, the premieres were very strong this year, so there weren't too many un-squee-ful things to say. I got a couple of very interesting negative comments on mine, which makes me itch to write up a lot of navel-gazing about what I ~meant~. The vid is below if you would like to watch it sans editorializing:

Captain Kidd from Franzeska Dickson on Vimeo.

password = haven

Why this vid? )lyrics to Captain Kidd )Captain Kidd: The Man and the Song )What the hell does this have to do with Duke? )Clip choice in boring detail )

Season 4 starts Friday, September 13th.

Just saying. >:D
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AdaCamp was awesome. I wondered if I'd feel out of place since I'm not a coder, but there was a lot of discussion of open culture of various kinds. The opening session, unsurprisingly, was on impostor syndrome. I've conquered a lot of mine already, but it was still interesting. We did an exercise on identifying values we hold dear and figuring out how we've lived up to them. That didn't do much for me. What was interesting was seeing how many values on the list people have attributed to things I've done that seemed like no big deal to me. (Moving to Japan on a whim, for example. I didn't think of it as especially adventurous. It was just something to do.) I have a lot of values that I suppose I do think are important on some level but they don't spring to mind because I have no trouble living up to them. Here's a version of the worksheet we were using.

Even more interesting was the discussion on the mailing list before AdaCamp where tons of people confessed that they weren't sure why they'd been allowed in and they'd expected their applications to be rejected. (So let that be a lesson to any OTW people who didn't apply!) I was initially hesitant, but there was some mention of remix and fandom-y stuff, so I thought why the hell not. Something like 80% of applicants were accepted this time. For the DC one, they didn't even have enough qualified applicants. I imagine the number of applications will rise in the future and the percentage accepted fall, but 80% is pretty good odds. Go ahead and apply, people. (Though, sadly, they don't know when and where they'll be holding one next.)

Also on the mailing list, someone posted asking if other people were interested in fandom-y things. She commented that women have no trouble getting into various art forms and adapting to various online platforms but that this contrasts with our typical attitude towards getting into programming. I found this very interesting because many of her examples I completely agree with. (Tumblr, for example. Figuring out that broken-ass interface is not easy, but that hasn't slowed fandom down any.) But she mentioned video editing, and there I very much disagree: fans avoid getting into vidding all the time precisely because of the kind of impostor syndrome that keeps women away from programming and other technical skills. It's also time-consuming and potentially expensive and generally has higher barriers to entry than writing fic does, but I think insecurity over tech is probably the biggest one.

This was supposed to be a big meta post, but I'm hungry. So I get breakfast and you get a link to a n00b-friendly vidding tutorial.
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And consequently I applied to go (and have been accepted). If anybody is going and desperate for a place to crash, I live in the area.
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In the vanishingly unlikely circumstance that anyone is A. still reading my journal and not lost forever to Tumblr and B. a Haven fan not already watching [community profile] havenfans, go weigh in on the fic exchange brainstorming post.
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Rules and FAQ | Party post | Opt-in post for remixing | Contact a mod


Uh... That is to say, The Losers is an awesome fandom, and you should totally come sign up for the big bang: like last year, it welcomes all kinds of fanworks and is a low-stress, guilt-free fun time for all. If only my other fandoms had an event this fun!
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It's that time of year again: that time of year where, like public television, OTW asks you to give. Unlike public television, however, we will not replace your regularly scheduled dose of entertainment with boring clips of singing guys and talking head fundraisers. (If you've never seen public television in the US, trust me, the funding drives are obnoxious.)

Why do I give? I give because I believe in OTW's mission and because I love the products it has given me: For all its still-in-beta rough edges, AO3 is exactly what I envisioned when I read that first post proposing that fandom needed an archive of its own. It's everything I missed from the great era of archives mixed with wonderful journal features I no longer want to do without (threaded comments!). It welcomes all of my fic, from the tamest to the wackiest, all of my fandoms, and even my vids and art. As a vidder, I expect to use embeds, and I expect to change hosting, but I had never imagined how wonderful it would be to have proper archive tagging and searching. Vidding has never had a site like; beginning to use AO3 this way has been marvelous.

Fanlore is developing into an impressive resource for the zine shopper. There have been zine listings before, but few as helpful or complete. I have also enjoyed improving the articles on internet history and taking a stab at a few of the anime/manga ones. Some content areas remain sadly anemic; the great joy of wiki editing is collaboration, so I hope more people will join me.

Transformative Works & Cultures, though an academic journal, can be fun reading for the layperson. I particularly enjoyed the vidding issue (especially Toward an ecology of vidding--if you've never "gotten" vids, this article is for you). Our preservation, advocacy, and other efforts outside of AO3 are often less visible, but their absence would make us all poorer.

I got into fandom when I was 13--lurked, played, wrote, discussed, and participated for years before I had a credit card, a strong sense of history, or the desire and ability to support fandom projects. The biggest reason I give is for all of today's 13 year-olds, for fans who cannot afford to, for fans who can't send money to the US. I give money for the same reason I volunteer for OTW and the same reason I'm on the Board: I give so that all of us can enjoy what OTW has to offer.

Fandom Is Love: Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 3-9


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