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Saturday, January 17th, 2015 01:17 am
My life has been a giant ball of stress and stress overload-induced procrastination lately. I made three festivids, each in a single sitting because I have no time, but I also have no ability to say no to festivids.

I'll update this with an actual post once I crawl out of bed.
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Thursday, January 1st, 2015 10:00 am
Did I write more recs? No, I did not. Oops. But it is now past reveals, and I also haven't read enough to have opinions.

Instead, I realized that long ago, [personal profile] dorinda asked a question. A question she has been waiting for an answer to since 2009. To wit:

"Who is whose wind beneath whose wings?"

It goes unanswered no longer! Behold!


Oh yeah, and I also vidded Eric Saade, the same hilarious guy I vidded The Musketeers to. Also, I, you know, wrote a Yuletide story, which is how all this started.
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Friday, December 26th, 2014 10:43 pm
I have a cold and am not feeling the Yuletide squee as strongly as in years past, so recs are going to be kind of piecemeal, but I can't resist starting this post right now because...

Night of the Pernicious Poisoner is too good to pass up. (And it's also 10k so everyone is going to pass it up, at least for a while.) You don't need to have seen Wild, Wild West to enjoy this story. I've seen like half an episode and some vids of overly tight pants. Here's what you need to know: secret agents, wild west, steampunk, anachronistically tight pants. There. Go read.
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Thursday, December 25th, 2014 05:57 pm
Woo, Yuletide!

I had big plans to write a Veritas: The Quest story. Then I got busy and sick and this totally did not happen, but it turns out someone wrote one for me instead! In fact, I have been uniformly lucky this year: three stories, each well over 1k, all exactly my kind of thing.

Complications - A Grimm casefic that is marked 'gen' but is really more like my poly headcanon lurking under some plot. (Well done, author!) As befits a Grimm casefic, there are many lulz, especially from poor Wu whom I'm guessing hadn't started going bonkers again yet when this was written. As befits the season, there is gratuitous Christmas and Monroeness and people being dragged out of bed to investigate gross and weird murders. It's so ensemble-y and so perfectly Grimm! I can't believe it doesn't have more hits/kudos/comments by now.

Where the Road Takes You - Post-series Veritas fic with Solomon finding out about, well, everything. So far pretty much overlooked. (So one of you guys wrote it and the other two betaed it, right? Haha. Sorry, writer: some day I will make everyone love Veritas and then there will actually be people to comment on your fic.)

Code 1199 - An adorable Longmire fic gifted to me and prettymanly. It sounds exactly like the ridiculous protagonist's voice in these books and, in their fine, time-honored tradition, is full of wilderness survival, huddling for warmth, and Henry being far, far, far cooler and hotter than Walt, at least in Walt's opinion. P.S. The dog makes it. Just so you know.

As for what I wrote, I completely failed to write more story than Yuletide letter, so in penance, I'll be writing those failed plotbunnies either for Fandom Stocking or for the Escapade con zine. (Well, once I stop hacking up phlegm every two seconds.) I know the ad mentions some big fandoms, but other fic and art are very welcome! Like any traditional zine, there will be an editorial process, which is actually pretty exciting to me. Proper betaing/editing without me having to go looking for a beta? Sweet! An opportunity to inflict my random fandoms on the whole con? Even sweeter!

There will be no prize for guessing my Yuletide story. It is super, super, super obvious. But you are welcome to comment and tell me if you've spotted it.
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Thursday, December 18th, 2014 10:09 pm






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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 03:42 am
I have been clicking through my journal, post by post, to try to find old fic I've forgotten writing. (I have never been good about tagging.) I found my old posts on going to YaoiCon. I went to numbers 2 and 3, which were a very long time ago now.


Each post is me perving on women in dude cosplay there. This is not what I remember spending YaoiCon doing, but now that I read those posts, I totally do remember the women in question. I went to this past YaoiCon. Apparently there has been like zero change in my tastes or behavior in a decade. Huh.

ETA: And here is a post I made in 2003:
I'm watching season 4 of Stargate, and I just saw the episode where the Unas makes Daniel its love slave... I mean, where the Unas kidnaps Daniel for no reason and Daniel does not make any jokes about how the Unas' parents will feel about it, oh no, not at all.


I want fics, damnit!

Perhaps I will get one from the secret santa fic thingy.

Who would have thought that the 'secret santa fic thingy' would one day be so ubiquitous that random searches for festive things would turn it up amidst the reindeer and ornaments? (And, no, I did not get Daniel/Unas for Yuletide #1. I got Scrooge/Marley.)

ETA #2: Gay furry tentacle porn noncon humor. I always wondered what that was titled. How smart of me to think to inflict a link on my flist back in 2003.

ETA #3: Aaaand I wrote a "fic" that is an account of the first blowjob I ever gave with Harry Potter name replacements on it. Okay, self, way to overshare. *overshares again*

ETA #4: Aaaand, it's the two most representative pictures of all time )

ETA #5: And now I've found the original yaoi Bishounen Ai Contest entry I wrote, which was about fairytales and some dude banging a corpse. I think it's time for bed before I discover anything even more ridiculous and am forced to share it with AO3.
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Monday, December 1st, 2014 01:21 am
Them: "I didn't know (or forgot) that you'd watched Supernatural."

Me: Oh yeah, I was a huge fan. I even wrote fic for some fic exchange.


This post brought to you by the extremely belated realization that the reason that my AO3 account feels so weirdly empty is that I have not only forgotten to archive anything but Yuletide fic but I have also forgotten that I have written anything but Yuletide fic. *facepalm* Time to try to remember the rest of the fandoms that I don't like anymore but probably once wrote fic in.

ETA: Oh, and a trip through my journal looking for lost fic has reminded me of an important part of our cultural heritage. Tragically, my schools did not believe in showing videos, so I watched The Voyage of the Mimi at home and mostly the second voyage because archaeology is cool. I never got to sit in a classroom of my peers and witness the finest moment of educational television our country has ever produced. The Voyage of the Mimi taught us many things: about scorpions, about whales, about sailing, about archeology and about tomb robbers. But never, friends, was it more educational than when it taught us the single most important lesson a little fangirl can learn. Now, through the magic of Youtube, we can share that moment all over again:

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Saturday, November 29th, 2014 11:45 pm
I am cleaning my mother's house and I have come across an old puppet/stuffed toy of mine. It's a large dragon, about two feet long. I happily carried it out to the other building where I'm living right now, intending to put it up on a shelf to decorate. I noticed a piece of fabric sticking out of the hand puppet hole...

It was a novelty thong with fabric that says 'no no no' in black and 'yes yes yes' in glow-in-the-dark paint. (Yes, it's my thong from high school, but what on earth is it doing in there?) Has this really been sitting there the entire time my mother had my dragon sitting on her bookshelf? Signs point to yes. Hahahaha.
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Saturday, November 29th, 2014 10:54 pm
Crap! Last minute signup! That means I have to write a last-minute letter, and that means it probably cannot be ten thousand words. Rest assured, I love The Losers just as much and tl;dr-ily as I did when I was first lured to a con room party and accidentally got stuck wasting my evening watching something instead of socializing. I fumed and drank but didn't feel like I could gracefully bow out, a situation that has led to many of my more epic hateboners for fandoms. It is a testament to The Losers use of Journey excellence that I was 1. unable to hate it and 2. able to remember anything about it after seeing it on a teeny laptop screen, from a bad angle, while blotto and grumpily not paying attention.

But the thing is that The Losers has everything that I love in a canon: fake death, hot people, other hot people, a definition of "Awesome Ladies" that involves zero "strong in her own way" and 100% physical violence, mayhem, and use of heavy weaponry, dumb pop culture references, sarcastic assholes, Journey, epic hoyay, m/m/f OT3 potential, sex scenes, violence, very stupid humor, a happy ending, and--if the comic is anything to go by--more fake death. The only thing that could possibly have made it more amazing would be if it had not bombed, they'd made a series, and they'd Hollywoodified the shit out of the actual comics ending. (WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ENDING, COMIC? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?)

I got into Losers fandom just in time for the big bang, and I was seriously hooked. I love smaller fandoms, but I don't love being sad and alone. There's nothing quite like an active small fandom with good modding. :D And, as a vidder, I am happy when a small fandom has everything kind of integrated instead of fic off in one corner and art over there, yadda yadda. Then life happened, and I haven't even read half of the fic from that big bang, let alone things people have written since. Oops. So I am happy to be able to sign up for Ante Up this year.

My views on canon )

Fanwork types )

Crossovers and AUs )

Characters and Shipping )

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Saturday, November 29th, 2014 10:13 pm
Derp. Apparently, signups for the holiday Losers exchange close tomorrow. It shows the state of me that I didn't notice this till now. On the other hand, it also shows the state of me that I am actually going to sign up when I'd sworn I wouldn't. Life is less stressed and awful than I was expecting. I'm sorting through my mother's epic collection of old clothes for things to sell or donate and epic collection of Christmas ornaments for things to chuck in the trash. (Yes, it's very, very sad that those pine cone ornaments broke, but I don't want to slash my fingers open on glass, so they're going to go, Mom. The hoarding does not get to continue beyond death. Just saying.)

Anyway, if you've ever seen The Losers, come sign up. Losers fandom is home to a super nice, close-knit community and some very on-the-ball mods. It's always my go-to recommendation for people who are finding their current fandoms unfriendly and/or who wonder where they can find people who don't only ship the two white dudes in everything. (Those rare Clay/Jensen daddy kink fics are hot, don't lie, but do you seriously know anyone who only ships that?)

If you aren't familiar with The Losers, it's a single run of comics, mostly with consistent writing and art. It was then adapted into a single movie. The fandom is for the movie, more or less. I enjoy the combination because the movie is much cheerier, but the comics have more backstory on several characters like Aisha. While the movie does change the Afghanistan plot to South America, it's reasonably faithful in other ways, so the comics are more like a fun bonus if you like the movie rather than a mandatory prerequisite to getting into the fic.

sign-ups | deadlines | size requirements for fanworks | rules | FAQ
opt-in post for remixing/tranformative works | pinch hitter sign ups | contact a mod

Yes, friends, your eyes do not deceive you. The Losers is the story of how Daddy Winchester, Uhura, Captain America, Luther, that hot black dude from Scandal, and a ridiculously scene-stealing Spanish actor nobody has heard of do some A-Team hijinks and blow things up. Sadly for the movie, it came out the same year as the A-Team one and prior to Captain America, so nobody went to see it.

Would you like to see Uhura banging John Winchester while destroying a hotel room? Yes, yes, you would. Would you like to see Captain America as a geek hacker who quotes The Matrix? (Is this a trick question?) Also, in an action movie with three black leads in a main cast of six, they can't all be evil or dead. I am just saying. But you should really see it for the Spanish dude with no lines who steals all of his scenes without speaking. It's like how EJO managed to steal scenes on Miami Vice without talking. Madness!

Losers fandom is also crazy inclusive of podfic and random crafts and shit, not just fic. Vids! Art! Fanmixes! Macaroni castles! (Seriously, anything.) It's my go-to rec for people who are sick of living in fandom fic-ocracies too. Personally, I'm a total failboat as a Losers fan and have been absent from the fandom for a while, but it turns out signups for this have gone late enough for my life to right itself again, so I am totally signing up.

You should sign up too!
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Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 09:04 pm
Tonight's Escapade call got canceled, so I'm messing around on the internet instead of being productive. I remain extremely excited about the list of people who have already pre-registered and about our Friday night dance party plans. And, hey, I have a long list of Starsky & Hutch vids that work for dance parties. Now if I can just find something at least moderately appropriate for the rest of the classic slash fandoms...

Escapade is going to be awesome. If you can get to LA next March, you should come.
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Saturday, October 25th, 2014 07:50 pm
Oh, so many con reports that I have not written from cons past. Doh. So I will write my relatively modest SHarecon one before I entirely forget.

This was my third SHarecon. For the first two, I lived in NYC and took the train down to the DC area. This time, I flew. You might be wondering if it's really worth it to fly across the country for a Starsky & Hutch con. It is. SHarecon is a really awesome con at which I always have a fantastic time. (Yes, I do write con reports for reasons other than kvetching.) It's a tiny con, warm and friendly, and very interested in "New Recruits". I can truthfully say that the existence of this con is 100% responsible for keeping me paying attention to Starsky & Hutch, however vague that attention may sometimes be.

This year was also a blast because of the unexpected (to me anyway) presence of [personal profile] dorinda, [personal profile] przed, and Deb Walsh. I had just been bitching about the lack of findable I Spy vids online, so running into [personal profile] przed right after that was amusing. We had a nice chat about the hosting woes of vidders. Deb I hadn't seen in ages, not since Media West, a con I went to several years ago and haven't managed to make it back to because it is irritatingly located and I am broke. Of course, I failed to interview her yet again. Oops. I blame it on SHarecon just being so much fun that I never have time to drag people away from the festivities. Deb is fascinating to talk to because, like a lot of people at SHarecon, she's an oldschool zine fandom person, but, unlike most of them, she used to only be into gen. The history of gen zines is a gaping hole in my interview pattern.

Dance party and vids )

LJ *does* have a clear successor, and that successor is Tumblr. )
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Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 04:14 am
I should have known she'd never have gotten as maudlin and soppy as yesterday if it weren't her last chance. Mom the clam. Haha.

Prior to that, our last conversation was about whether she did or did not feed Puddles the duck to her niece as a child. (The niece maintains she is scarred for life. Mom maintained that she never named the ones she was going to eat, so while she may have fed her a duck, it certainly wouldn't have been Puddles.) Duck for Thanksgiving... sounds pretty good, actually.
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Sunday, October 19th, 2014 03:01 pm
Dear Festividder

I am exhausted right now, so I suspect this letter will end up being modest and terse… for me--meaning it will be about five times the length of any normal letter. If you're scared of long letters or vidding or me, relax. Festivids has a long (err… well… Festivids-length) tradition of n00bs signing up. I've received someone's first vid in another exchange. Those vids turn out great and nobody can tell the difference. You don't have to be a genius or have been vidding since you were in diapers or own a lot of expensive software to make a good Festivid. You also don't have to read to the end of this letter. (But I bet you will, sucker. ;D)

On with the tl;dr!

(Click on one of the tags at the top to see the version of this post with nested cut tags. That will make it easier to navigate.)

General tastes )

Or, LBR, you could make me the vid you were already planning to make in this fandom when you decided to offer it. ;)

Music )


Chee & Leaphorn Mysteries [TV] )
Framed (1992) [TV] )
I Spy [TV] )
Longmire [TV] )
Miami Vice [TV] )
Onmyouji (2001) [Movie] )
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [TV] )
Veritas: The Quest [TV] )

Edited to add: Yes, I've seen the news stories. I don't have any trouble separating my feelings about a nasty rapist from my feelings about their art. You're still welcome to make me an I Spy vid if you want to.
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Saturday, October 11th, 2014 02:24 pm
Dear Yulegoat,

It is once again that time of year, that magical time when stores begin to fill with aesthetically-questionable depictions of santa and green and red decorations sprout like poisonously festive fungus before we're even past Halloween. Fandom could hardly let retail have all the fun, now could it? By my count, we've been talking about Yuletide for at least two months already, so it's high time for letters.

First thing's first: If you are new to Yuletide, you should know that optional details are optional and letters are extra optional. Many people feel that the best letter is succinct for fear of terrifying the writer with a staggering wall of text. You have... not been assigned one of those recipients this year. My condolences.

Cry 'Fic' and let slip the teal deer of Yuletide!

This letter is designed to be perused via multiple levels of nested cut tags. Click on one of the tags instead of the post itself (which will give you the full tl;dr all at once).

A few brief notes about my tastes )

Veritas: The Quest )

Walt Longmire Mysteries - Craig Johnson )

I Spy (1965) )

Smoke Signals (1998) )

Grimm (TV) )

Framed (TV 1992) )

If any of these fandoms get kicked out of the final tagset (unlikely except for 1), I'll just remove them from my letter. The requests above are final: I've spent way too long coming up with them to change between now and signups. Oh, and last but not least, yes, I do plan to write more words of yuletide fic than yulegoat letter. Why do you ask? ;D

Edited to add: Yes, I've seen the news stories. I don't have any trouble separating my feelings about a nasty rapist from my feelings about their art. You're still welcome to write me an I Spy story.
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Sunday, September 28th, 2014 05:48 pm
[personal profile] starlady reminded me that like none of my vids have their songs credited properly. Oops. This is partly because my life has been a scattered mess for some time and partly because I tend to forget since my DW posts (when I've bothered to make them) usually list the songs, many of my vids are for cons that list the songs in the program, and Youtube has an auto-match on almost everything I've done. But, I now consider AO3 the primary home of my vids, so it should be up to date too... and more than that, this is an opportunity to do something I've been meaning to: list songs as tags.

Back in ye olden days of my fandom life, I spent a lot of time in anime fandoms and watched a bunch of AMVs. Like any little anime nerd of the day, I found many of these through does have hosting, but it's more of a listing site, and what a listing site it is! You can easily search it for song titles and see just how overused your song is. You can get a sense of how overused the artist is too. The site is nothing but fannish video, so everything about the structure is designed with that in mind. Of course, these days, the design is showing its age, and the elitism of the site has chased away the newer, less tech-savvy types. The site also doesn't allow any vids not of anime, and I am told it doesn't allow yaoi vids either? It's not absolutely perfect, but it is unusual for being so large and central to a fannish video community and not being built around fic or art or anything else with vids as a secondary concern. I can't think of much else like that. (There's that Buffy database, I think? I've looked at it, but I remember finding it very hard to navigate.)

AO3, on the other hand, shows a lot of fic bias in the design. Personally, I'm cool with that. I was a reader before I was anything else, and then I was a writer long before I was a vidder. I love being able to put all of my fanworks in the same place and not having restrictions on fandom or content. AO3 is not designed specifically for vids, but, on the other hand, it does allow considerable freedom in tagging. I also appreciate the backdating features and the ability to designate someone as a recipient. (Sorry, Festivids recipients if you get a notification today and are sad it's not a new present.) Most importantly, I like the fandom-centric searching and browsing and archival nature of the site. Things get lost quickly on Tumblr and only slightly less quickly on DW/LJ. Youtube is full of canon content, so searching for a fandom's name is useless, and many vidders don't tag with words like 'fanvid'.

As more and more people use AO3 for vids, it occurs to me that we should be using the tags more and more consistently. If enough people reached some consensus about how to tag, we could have some of the advantages of without the disadvantages. Things like song choice, vid length, vid genre, type of hosting (streaming, download), premiere location, or cons the vid has shown at can easily be tagged for.

'Fanvids' is the canonical vid tag right now. 'Video Format: Streaming' is popular. I've just gone through and tagged all of mine with "[song title] - [artist]" tags. It will be interesting to see how (or if) tagging patterns emerge.
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Friday, September 26th, 2014 12:26 pm
Festivids nominations are open. I still haven't posted my VividCon report or even my Escapade report from last February. Oops. At some point, I'll post that as part of pimping next year's con. Come to Escapade #25, guys.

Unlike Yuletide, you can see a full list of Festivids nominations, but if anyone is wondering, the things I'm contemplating for this year so far include Veritas: The Quest, I Spy, and Longmire (my most current fandoms), as well as The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, the Chee & Leaphorn mysteries, The Magnificent Seven (1998) [TV], Magnum PI, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Miami Vice, and Wiseguy. Is Grimm eligible? That one's always fun.

I feel like I'm forgetting a million things. Are there other old-ass classic fandoms that are eligible? I'd love to see a bunch of slashy festivids for classic fandoms go to Escapade this year, but many of the classic fandoms obviously have way too many vids to qualify.
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Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 11:15 pm
I also made a club vivid vid about D'Artagnan, Athos, and D'Artagnan's attempts to hit that... err... I mean about the profound and manly bond between the musketeers. (Spoiler: The Musketeers contains exactly as much leather and hoyay as you were expecting. Whether it contains any French history and/or book details is a matter of debate, but it definitely contains leather.) I chose a very silly Eurovision song the main lyrics of which are "I will be popular" and "My body wants you, Girl", which are obviously lyrics that scream adult men in a historical drama, no?

Okay, but seriously, Eric Saade reminds me of Luke Pasqualino and he made that weird French costume drama music video for Masquerade (another song I'd love to vid but haven't found an appropriate source for yet).

Popular Table )

And then Killa bid on me in the Auction and I made another Musketeers vid, this one much more team-y or OT4-y because while D'Artagnan's objective through most of season one seems to be to get in Athos' pants gain Athos' respect, it's also a show that is all about the team. As is obvious, the number one reason for this song choice is that part with the Cardinal--the one you just laughed at. Yes, that part.

Again )

You'll all be watching The Musketeers now, yes? Yes?

My other vid for Vividcon was for Challenge. 'Gift' wasn't really speaking to me. Also, I have a terrible sense of humor, so the first thing that popped into my mind was not gifts spiritual, intellectual, or monetary but rather the absurd fangirl German of Grimm where Monroe helpfully informs us that 'gift' in German means 'poison' and that this used to make Christmas weird. Grimm is criminally overlooked by most parts of fandom I'm in, so I couldn't resist vidding it and its stupid German jokes. Hank is both my favorite and a character with exactly the right level of screen time to make a last-minute vid much easier. He's around all the time in a less central capacity, but there are several Hank-centric episodes that I could get off of iTunes without having to rewatch the entire series.

Grimm Gifts )
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Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 10:31 pm
I have been running around to language exchanges and job interviews and things, but I guess I should post some thoughts on my vids before I completely forget.

I had four vids in VividCon this year, all premieres. The one that was most personally exciting to me was my vid for the premieres show, which was of Lie With Me, a movie that gets me in the gut like few others. It's one of those art films with a lot of sex, little dialogue, and a story told through silent reaction shots. It reminds me of all the shit I loved as a teenager. Sadly, I couldn't possibly find any one song to do justice to Leila's progression through casual sex, pushing away a clingy boyfriend, and then freaking out because emotions are a thing. I went with the emotions are a thing part of the movie. It was the clearest narratively. I wish I'd been able to get in all the parts where she sits around masturbating to porn because she's bored or all of the other stuff that reminds me of all of the actual women I know and none of the media I consume. This movie is all about Leila, which is why the beginning of the vid is nothing but her. That plus the fact that it amused me to spring Eric Balfour on people unawares. Success! (But, seriously, she's the main character and the character who actually matters.)

To my annoyance, this vid's title was "corrected" to match the song title in the Vividcon program despite me submitting it with my title in the web form and naming my upload files with my title (yes, I checked before posting this). The song is "The Pier", a title that doesn't have an obvious connection to the song's lyrics and that didn't speak to me in the context of this movie. (It makes me wonder if the song is about a personal experience that involves a pier or what.) Casting about for title ideas, I eventually decided on "Peer" sans article because this love story is all about voyeurism, both emotional and sexual, and about trying to find someone who is your equal. It probably wouldn't have changed anything people had to say for vid review, but it's still irritating that the title was wrong. I know people make a lot of typos and it's nice of whomever to try to catch them, but jeez.

blah blah vid )

Lyrics )
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Friday, August 8th, 2014 09:55 pm
They have herradura and margarita mix this year. I am doomed.

Just had a v. interesting conversation with a Con.txt concom member. Feel much better about their actual policies. Still v. negative about how those policies are stated on the website.

Made cheesy Musketeers vid. Tell me how brilliant I am and get earwormed by Eurovision: